The bad news from north India’s recent flooding continues. Beni, KHEL’s General Manager, is working hard to find out if anyone from KHEL – families of children, families of teachers – have been adversely affected. Beni’s wife, Kamli, a previous employee of KHEL, is a City Councilor for the Shiv Puri area where KHEL’s school is located. She’s working hard, too, to help the whole community. One of our teachers, Mukesh, was away at his village; his home is intact but his family lost their shop, which is the majority of their livelihood. Manohar, KHEL’s Community Outreach Coordinator, had a severely flooded home but he’s been able to get the water to drain out. We’ll let you know when we have a full damage report for Lakshmi Devi Academy (LDA), KHEL’s school for underserved children in Dehradun.