OpCamp 2013 2

Judy-Ann E., a teacher at The Blake School in Minneapolis, MN, commits a portion of her summer break to take Blake student volunteers to OpCamp, a summer camp for underprivileged children in Mineral Wells, TX. As always, the volunteers and the kids had a wonderful experience! But this time they wanted to do something special for the school district of West, TX, where there was massive explosion at a fertilizer plant earlier this year. The towns of West and Mineral Wells are almost neighbors, and the explosion affected many people, businesses and schools in the area. Three of West’s schools were damaged and even with government aid and a full scale investigation there isn’t currently enough money to rebuild all the schools. Judy-Ann arranged for KHEL’s small grant to be used to show solidarity with the West School District and the people of West. After returning to Minnesota, she sent us this report and photos: