Beni, KHEL’s General Manager, has had intermittent internet connection because of the severe monsoons in Dehradun. In between cleaning water and mud out of his own home and helping his wife, Kamli, with her City Councilor duties in the flood ravaged colony of Shiv Puri where Lakshmi Devi Academy (LDA), KHEL’s school for underserved children is located, he found a few minutes to take some photos and send this report:

‘There are a lot of NGO’s sending supplies for the mountain areas but most of it is sitting in Dehradun and the food donations are rotting. At this time all the focus is on the tourists/pilgrimage people. In a few days most of them will be able to go home but the losses to the villages in the mountains are terrible. Many people have lost their family members, homes, farms, businesses and animals. Many mountain people use mules for transporting goods to markets to sell, so the loss of the animals makes it impossible for them to make any money. Some farms are okay, but the roads are all gone so they can’t sell what they have grown. It wi